How do you know you’re getting a fair painting estimate?

When estimating the cost of a project, Mrs Paint take into account several factors, including the square meter of the area to be painted, condition of the walls along with the amount of work and materials necessary to prepare surfaces, supplies and materials required to protect existing structures, the amount of paint needed to paint the area, delivery of materials and equipment, worker transportation to and from the site, and job cleanup at project completion. Since all these factors can greatly affect a painting estimate, knowing how Mrs Paint arrive at their quotation can help you better assess what you’re getting.

But before we dive into the topic, let’s find out the difference between an estimate and a quote. Concisely, an estimate represents the best guess as to how much a paint job may cost, whereas a quote is a fixed price offer. This means that we can charge you more or less than the painting estimate provided. As a rule of thumb, a painting contractor should charge a final price close to the initial estimate.

Doing the Math

How do you know you’re getting a fair painting estimate? According to Mrs Paint, painting an average house / studio can cost anywhere between R 25 000 and R 50 000 depending on the space and average m². However, the best way to find out if what was offered to you is a good estimate is to determine how much your project will cost. Since Mrs Paint price their work on a per square-meter basis, calculating the cost of materials and labor for your painting project is relatively easy.

Let’s say you intend to paint an area of 56 m². In this case, you need about 40lts of primer and 40lts of paint for each coat. Mrs Paint recommends that you add an extra 20 percent to the m² for textured or rough wall surfaces, such as exterior /boundary or brick walls. Also, using a primer you’ve chosen for your walls may allow you to get a unified finish without applying numerous coats of paint.

A painting estimate can also vary based on other aspects, such as whether or not the project involves different types of surfaces (e.g. plaster, brick, wood, metal, etc.), molding with simple or intricate details, and additional elements like doors, window frames, burglar bars, railings, roof overhang, porches, gutters and downpipes.
One more thing to keep in mind is that the lowest estimate is rarely the best deal. That’s because the quality of materials and workmanship is generally inferior. A competent, responsible contractor will never sacrifice quality for cost savings.

That’s about it. 

For any questions about other aspects related to getting a fair painting estimate, you can get in touch with Lynette at Mrs Paint by calling her at 082 888 2314. If you’re looking for a premier painting contractor ready to take on a painting project in Cape Town or surrounding areas, call Mrs Paint today.