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Introduction to Paint Colour

Introduction to Paint Colour As a painting contractor, the most common question we hear from clients is: “What color should I choose?” This is a very good question indeed! After all, it is a decision that they will have to live with for a very long time, and a lot of people struggle with it. […]

Painting Brick: To Paint or Not To Paint...

Painting Brick: To Paint or Not To Paint Your Home What are the benefits of painting brick? Curb appeal One of the biggest benefits of painting brick is it can drastically improve your curb appeal. New paint can completely transform the look of your home without an expensive remodel. Opt for classic white for a […]

Planning Your Exterior Painting Project

Planning Your Exterior Painting Project The highest rainfall also tends to arrive in spring. Waiting until dry weather next summer could delay your painting project far more than you’d like. Mrs Paint will also know when wet weather is on the horizon and can avoid it as necessary. Summer tends to be the ideal time […]