6 Signs It’s Time for Exterior Painting

When to consider repainting your home

With less than a month left until spring, it’s time to take a look at your home and plan any necessary renovations for the upcoming season. Since the facade of your home forms the first impression of you and your home, you should definitely inspect it for imperfections and fix them so that both you and your home look good in the eyes of anyone visiting or passing by. If you are uncertain whether your home needs repainting, here are the 6 telltale signs that you should consider exterior painting.

1. Peeling paint

If you notice any peeling paint on the exterior of your home, you should arrange re-painting your home as soon as possible. If the paint isn’t peeling from the first floor, but you notice chipped paint on the ground, it is most likely coming from the upper levels of the home. The areas where the paint is peeling expose your home to moisture, water, and the sun, which can compromise the structural integrity of your house and result in costly repairs if left unattended.

2. Faded color

While the loss of color may seem only as an aesthetic issue – which can sometimes even look charming in its own way, faded color is actually a more serious problem. When your house is exposed to direct sunlight, the UV radiation causes the fading of the color, while also affecting the molecular structure of coatings and gradually disintegrates it. Which means that the longer you postpone the repainting of your home, the less protected it is. If the color of your house is faded but you kind of like it, consider applying at least a fresh coat of protective stain that ensures protection against the elements. And if you don’t like how the color loss looks on your home, repaint it entirely, and give your house that fresh look that will refresh as well as safeguard it.

3. Spider web like cracks on your house

When small, spidery cracks appear on the painted exterior, it’s an indication that the paint is beginning to fail and will soon start chipping and flaking. It’s one of the first, more subtle indications that it’s time to consider painting your home.

4. Water or mold stains

Mold and water stains don’t just look unappealing – they can also become a much bigger problem and even a health hazard if not treated properly. However, when dealing with this problem just painting over the stains is not enough because even anti-mold paint doesn’t eliminate the mold spores. Areas that are compromised by water and/or mold need to be treated with the right chemicals and the source of water damage must be identified and fixed to eliminate the problem entirely.

5. Exposed wood and wood rot

Exposed wood is the strongest indicator that you should paint the exterior of your home, and when it appears rotten, you may have to invest in some repairs before you can cover it with a fresh protective layer. Rot compromises the overall structural integrity of your home and you can check if the bare wood on your home is rotten by poking it with the tip of a screwdriver – if the wood is soft and breaks up easily, it’s time to replace the wood.

6. Exterior looks dirty and power washing doesn’t help

Power washing can work miracles on exteriors. However, it won’t remove the dirt and pollution that has accumulated during extensive periods and if pressure washing doesn’t help in refreshing the exterior of your home, it’s probably time to consider applying a fresh layer of paint.

Can you notice any of these signs on your home? Contact professional exterior painters!

Painting your home regularly improves not only its aesthetic appearance but also provides the vital protection from the elements your home needs if you want to maintain its value. So go outside and take a walk around your house. Can you notice any of the above-mentioned signs? If your answer is “yes”, contact Mrs Paint, and we’ll help you restore the structural integrity of your home. You can always reach us over the phone at 082 888 2314 or simply by scheduling an in-home appointment for your free estimate.