3 Spiced Paint Colour Ideas to Warm Up Your Kitchen

When we spend this much time in one room, we sometimes start to feel like it is just slightly… blah. We may start thinking it’s a bit plain, or worn, or dated, or just like everyone else’s. If you feel any of these ways about your kitchen, then it’s time to repaint!

Neutral colours are always safe, popular paint choices for just about any room in your house. But if you’re looking to spice up your cooking space, here are three delicious paint colour options for your kitchen! If they catch your eye, they are sure to bring new energy to your home and make a great impression on your guests.

Splash of Citrus!

If you want to paint your kitchen a cheerful, bright, unique colour, give some thought to a lime green kitchen. It’s energetic and will definitely stand out in a crowd. While a colour like this could be overwhelming in other rooms, kitchens have a lot of wall space that is taken up by appliances and cabinets. That means a bold colour can make a beautiful accent without dominating too much.

Sun-Baked Deep Gold

Rich gold with slight red or brown undertones might be a great paint colour for your kitchen. It’s warm and earthy, and somehow manages to be both bold and subtle at the same time! It goes well with bright white cabinets, or with a slightly creamier white.

Ripened Tomato! Rich Red

Deep red is a beautiful colour, and definitely one to consider for your kitchen. The shade you choose could evoke Italian sauces, French wines, summer fruits, and many other delicious flavours. Balanced out with white cabinets, your kitchen can be stunning, yet comfortable and homey!


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